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Software/Update Manager is broken

Having been long time user of InstallShield products I continue to be amazed at how broken one feature of the tool is. This being the Software/Update manager.

I do not understand why it cannot recognize the updates to an application that have already been installed. This is supposed to be one of the major, if not the most important, aspect of installer technology. One would expect that this to be the case especially when requesting updates for the InstallShield application itself.

My particulars are that I am running IS 10.5 and continue to be told that I have 9 "Important Updates" to install after having installed or downloaded some of them.

At the risk of being told that I need to update to IS 2008, can someone please explain why the installer technology for InstallShield itself does not seem to work correctly.
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Level 3

I share your frustration. Not only with the Software Manager itself, but also the lack of expertise in the support department to help get it fixed. Why isn't there some kind of repair utility to fix it?

I've been fighting the thing for weeks now. I can't get my installer projects to correctly install the Software Manager on any other machines. It'll install, but refuses to work. Various error messages appear, behavior isn't consistent, or it doesn't recognize any updates out there. On top of that, it has now stopped working for the InstallShield 12 IDE itself. "The agent has failed to install properly..."

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