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Setup.exe Silent Command line installer is not working

Recently when creating the the setup.exe the command line installation is stopped working.  When running the installer it is pop up the msiexec dialog from windows. Not able to understand what is the issue any help will be appreciated. 

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

I think the syntax might be a little out here.

After /v"
don't leave a space for example use: /v"/qn

Also as you are using an inverted comma after /v make sure that you close them - after SDSetupSilent.log would be a good place.
So in summary, try:

.exe /s /v"/qn /l*v %windir%SDSetupSilent.log" ALLUSERS=2 SDEBUG=1

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Thank you for the quick reply. 

The command is working only if I give as below.   

.exe /s /v"/qn /l*v %windir%SDSetupSilent.log" 

If I am trying to set the properties as part of the command then the installation is not happening. 

Is there something going wrong here.


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