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OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete events doesn't get fired


I'm having trouble with the OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete events
When I'm trying the update a "*.msp" file from my client I get all the Events:
OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete / OnProgressChanged / OnDownloadBegin / OnDownloadComplete
working great

When I'm trying to update a "*.exe" file
I get the following events:
OnProgressChanged / OnDownloadBegin / OnDownloadComplete
And when the download is complete I'm calling the "Execute()" method
I can see that the update file is running and complete updating successfully but I don't get the events:
OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete

Same code running the updates...
I'm only changing the:
"Installation Type" and "Download URL" in :
Edit Product Update -> Basic Update Information

Is this a known bug?
I'm using win7-64bit , also reproduce in win7-32bit
I'm reference "Interop.FNCClient11Lib.dll" - FLEX net Connect Agent 11.5 Type Libary

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Re: OnUpdateBegin / OnUpdateComplete events doesn't get fired

anyone ?
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