12 November: Get a Handle on IBM Licensing

Flexera Alumni
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Join ITAM Review’s Rich Gibbons and Flexera’s Steve Cowherd @scowherd_fle  on Thursday 12 November at 4pm UK time (11:00 am EST)  to get a handle on your IBM licensing.

Managing vendor relationships and contracts can be a headache under the most transparent circumstances. With vendors like IBM, licensing compliance can get tricky, and involves layers that customers need to understand to make the most out of their contracts. Whether you’re interested in optimizing consumption, increasing capacity, reducing risk or improving negotiations, knowledge of your licensing framework, pitfalls and hurdles are vital for success.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Where customers struggle with collection of what they’re using
  • How to understand your license entitlements
  • Maintenance rules and different licensing metrics
  • Tips and tricks for managing common and not-so-common issues