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SPAM & Phishing

SPAM & Phishing

Here at Revenera, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming platform for all users of the Revenera Community. We have zero-tolerance for SPAM or other inappropriate comments and posts. Per the community guidelines, these types of messages will be deleted and users posting them will be banned.

While we do our best to moderate the community, even the best protection cannot stop all unsolicited messages from being posted. For this reason, we'd like to remind our users of the power they have in ensuring a safe and secure experience for themselves and their peers.

1. Reporting inappropriate messages: You can flag posts and messages that are inappropriate or violate community guidelines.

Report inappropriate forum postsReport inappropriate forum postsReport inappropriate private messagesReport inappropriate private messages

2. Block private messages from other users: You can mute another user to avoid receiving private messages from them.

Mute users from private messaging youMute users from private messaging you

3. Verify Revenera users:  Treat any unexpected private message from somebody you don’t know with a high level of caution. If you receive a post or message from a user who claims to be a Revenera or Flexera employee, be sure they have either the Revenera ginko leaf logo or the Flexera X logo by their user name. 


4. Play it safe: Avoid publicly posting personal identifiable information (PII), confidential, or sensitive information that can be associated with your, or anybody else’s, organization. We advise choosing a username that doesn’t identify any more about yourself than you are willing to publicly share. You can review our privacy policy to see how we manage this information. 

5. Contact Revenera: We are here for you. When in doubt, you can reach out to us via the community inbox and alert us to any suspicious activity.

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