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Refine Your Community Search

Refine Your Community Search

Refine your searches with search operators and the advanced search filter to find what you are looking for in less time.

Our search provides three Boolean operators, an exact match capability, and two wildcards—for terms and characters respectively. To use any of any operator, prefix your search query with an octothorpe (#).

Example Search Query

# "salesforce" NOT "lithium" finds all documents that have the keyword salesforce but don't have the keyword lithium.

Search Operators

Operator Description Example
AND Returns documents containing the terms or phrases on the left and right of AND # content AND source AND dynamics (Find documents that have all three keywords in them: "content", "source", and "dynamics".)
&& Same as AND # content && source && dynamics
OR Finds documents containing either of the terms or phrases around OR. # searchunify OR su (Find documents that have either "searchunify" or "su" in them.)
|| Same as OR. # searchunify || su
NOT Excludes documents that contain the term or phrase followed by NOT. # jira NOT "jira on premises" (Find documents that have the keyword "jira" but not the keyword "jira on-premises".)
" " Exact match operators. Finds documents containing this exact phrase or term. # "recognise" (This search will ignore documents that have "recognize", "recognized", "recognised", "recognization" and other forms of "recognise".)
+ Limits the search to documents that contain the term or phrase following +. # mamba +20 (Find documents that necessarily have the keyword "20", along with "mamba".)
* Wildcard for terms and phrases. # "how to * salesforce content source" (Find documents that have phrases, such as "how to set up salesforce content source", "how to install salesforce content source", "how to delete salesforce content source".)
? Functions as a wildcard for single-character term. # "synchroni?e" (Find both "synchronize" and "synchronise".)

Advanced Search

The most frequently used operators have been added to Advanced Search.

  1. Run a search.
  2. Use the search drop down to refine your query.


Search Terminology

  • Term: A string delimited by space characters.
  • Phrase: An array of terms.
  • File: A Microsoft Word document, PDF, webpage, image alt-text, issue, ticket, meta data, or any piece of content that can be crawled and indexed.
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