About Accepted Solutions

About Accepted Solutions

Users who post the first message i can mark one of the replies as an accepted solution. After a solution is accepted, the original message is marked as solved, and the reply is marked as a solution. Marking a reply as an accepted solution helps communities identify content that solves users’ problems and makes interesting material more prominent and easy to access.

What happens when users mark a reply as an accepted solution?

  1. A check mark icon appears next to the original post and the solution and a Jump to Solution link is displayed in the original post to go directly to the solution.
  2. The header and background for the solution change to a distinctive color so that users scanning a list can easily locate it.
  3. The post is elevated in search results

Example accepted solution: 


 How to Mark a Reply an Accepted Solution

  1. Go to the response
  2. Click the Hamburger menu
  3. Select Accept as solution


To revoke an accepted solution:

  1. Go to the response
  2. Click the Hamburger menu
  3. Select Not the solution. The original message and solution return to their normal appearance. You can choose another solution or leave the question unsolved.


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