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The reach out dialog should always appear in front of the application

at the moment it seems that the reach out dialog (Auto ReachOut Campaing) sometimes appears behind our application.
So the user can't see the dialog, or just sees it if the application is minimized, moved.
If the appplication get's closed the reach out dialog gets closed without having been seen by the user.

Is it possible to change the behavior?


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Hi Hannesc,

With current design the Autoreachout popup spans as a child process and popup will be displayed on the screen for user to view, when the application is running on background then the child process also spans in the background and the popup will get displayed on the background and you can find the notification on the windows status bar.

Will discuss this as an enhancement request with our Project Management team and update you further.

Thank You,

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Level 4

Hi Anusha,
if the user is just working with our application (Development IDE - Editor) and the Autoreachout dialog popsup, the next key stroke of the user would bring our Editor back into the foreground.
So the user never notive that a popup dialog has been shown.
This is a big problem for us.
Regards Hannes

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