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Get Started with MSIX and InstallShield

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This article provides step by step instructions to get started with building your first MSIX package using InstallShield

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Launch InstallShield
  2. Click on New button. Select MSIX Project type. Provide a project name and click OK
    • New Project Dialog.png 
  3. Navigate to Files and Folders view add your files
    • Files-Folders.png
  4. Navigate to 'Applications' view, right click on 'Applications' in the center pane and select 'New Application'
    • Applications-View.png
  5. MSIX Packages need to be digitally signed. So, now head over to 'Releases' view and click on ellipses for 'Digital Certificate Information' and provide your digital signing information
    • Digital-Signing.png
  6. Click on Build in the ribbon bar
  7. Click on Run in the ribbon bar
    • Install-MSIX.png
  8. Click on Install and installation should be successful and app should launch after installation is done as the checkbox 'Launch when ready' is checked

That's it !! You just built and installed your first MSIX app !!


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