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InstallShield 2019 R2 is Available!

Revenera Community Admin Revenera Community Admin
Revenera Community Admin
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We are excited to announce the release of InstallShield 2019 R2. This release helps makes adopt MSIX even more easier by supporting Package Support Framework.

Package Support Framework is a toolkit from Microsoft to ensure to run traditional Win32 apps without any issues in a containerized environment when packaged as MSIX. Using InstallShield 2019 R2, you can add file redirection or any custom fixup to your existing projects. The below enhancements are added to the product in addition to few bug fixes.

  • IsCmdBld.exe Parameter to Specify Digital Certificate Password
  • Allow Suite Project to use Relative Path to link to ISM Package
  • Add Delay between Signing

For a complete list of changes, refer to the release notes here (