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Why won't the offline activation process work first time?

Why won't the offline activation process work first time?


Legacy Offline Activation Process (How to tell if the request will activate the software)


Legacy offline activation process

In the request code you may be able to see 'CLIENT_CONFIG' or 'ACTIVATION'. 'CLIENT_CONFIG' means there will be another request needed, 'ACTIVATION' usually means that the activation will go through.

For Legacy versions of InstallShield / AdminStudio, the process will have to occur twice, because of this you may need to repeat the offline activation process once more.

You can submit offline activation requests to


Online activation

Please note this is not guaranteed to work for legacy versions of InstallShield / AdminStudio as versions no longer supported can be temperamental.

To allow connection to our activation server we recommend the following.

> Incoming and outgoing traffic to and from * and *
> Ensure ports 80, 443 & 8443 are open
> Allow access to the Activation Server URL:

This should allow your machine to connect to the activation server and complete the reactivation process automatically each year.

If the above cannot be done then the reactivation process will need to be done manually. This is done by returning the licence and activating again. The article below explains this procedure.

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