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Slate skin on an InstallShield MSI project, the Print button is too far to the right

Slate skin on an InstallShield MSI project, the Print button is too far to the right


When using the Slate Skin the print button is not centered correctly


When using the Slate skin in an InstallScript MSI project the print button is not correct as shown below

User-added image


This is caused by issues with the Slate Skin and is a known bug. this issue will be fixed in a upcoming version of InstallShield. The work order for the fix is IOJ-1616665.


There are two options at this time to workaround this issue. One is to use the blue skin which is not broken. The other is to use the Skin customization kit to fix the Slate skin. To fix with the Skin customization kit you would first need to download the kit and install it. Then build your install uncompressed with the Skate skin. When uncompressed in the folder with all the built files are for your install is a file called setup.isn. With the skin customization kit you can extract the slate info files out of the setup.isn. Once extracted to fix the Slate skin made the following change to the slate skin.ini file...




The article below talks about how to get the Skin Customization kit download

When you install the Skin customization kit there are instructions installed on the machine at <InstallShield folder> Skin Customization Kit\Help\SkinCustomizationKit.htm

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This issue is not addressed in InstallShield 2019. This workarond solves the Print button issue. I use skin customization wizard to recreate the slate kit. After including the new modified slate skin, "InstallShield" logo in the lower left bottom is truncated.

Could you please help?


I also had same problem as @prema_kumar after editing the skin file as prescribed.

Before editing:



 After editing:


Skin manipulation is fairly tricky so I don't wish to chase my tail around on this.  Is there anyone in the community who has already resolved this?
Better yet, will Flexera fix and rebuild the skin file, then make it available immediately?

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