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Launch an MSI Package Through a Custom Action in Express

Launch an MSI Package Through a Custom Action in Express


Information on custom action.


This article explains in detail how to launch third-party setups that are based on the Windows Installer Service from within an InstallShield Express setup.


If you want to deploy a third-party Windows Installer package, it is recommended that you launch the MSI package as opposed to setup.exe itself via custom actions. Express 4.0 and later has a new type of custom action that enables you to launch executables that already exist on the machine. This articles makes use of this type of custom action to launch child MSI packages.

Follow these steps to create a custom action to launch third-party MSI packages from your setup:

  1. Within the parent project in Express, insert all the child-setup related files under the INSTALLDIR folder in the Destination Computer's folders in the Files view. If the setup files are uncompressed, make sure to include all the files and folders related to the child setup with the proper folder structure.

  2. To install the child setup during installation time, create a new executable type of custom action. Open the Custom Actions view and set the following attributes:

    • Source Location: File Exists on Target Computer

    • File Location: [SystemFolder]

    • File Name and Command Line: msiexec.exe /i "[INSTALLDIR]childpackage.msi" (the msiexec.exe file runs the install of an MSI file and childpackage.msi is the name of the child setup package)

    • Invoke: After Setup Complete Success Dialog

    • Execute: During Installation

    • The other attributes of the custom action can be left as the defaults
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