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How to Set a Property Depending on Release Flags

How to Set a Property Depending on Release Flags


This article explains how to create a single Property who's value is different depending on which release flags are chosen at build time.  For example if a project has 2 different releases which each use a different release flag: 

Release 1 
flags _FLAG1_ 

Release 2 
flags _FLAG2_ 


Value to be set (by _FLAG1_) MYPROPERTY = "Value1" 
Value to be set (by _FLAG2_) MYPROPERTY = "Value2" 


This can be achieved by creating 2 "New Set Property" custom actions which create the same Property but have different conditions:

Custom action 1: 
Property Name: MYPROPERTY 
Property Value: Value1 
Add a condition of: ISReleaseFlags><"FLAG1" 

Custom action 2: 
Property Name: MYPROPERTY 
Property Value: Value2 
Add of Condition of: ISReleaseFlags><"FLAG2" 

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This is great, and very useful. Thank you.

How would I reference values in other InstallShield tables similar to ISReleaseFlags used above?

For example, lets say I want to reference some value in the ISProductConfigurationProperty table. How would I reference the OASISIMPLEMENTATION value in the table below using a condition?


Preferably I would like to create just one "Set a Property" custom action and go get the value of OASISIMPLEMENTATION for each of my Product Configurations without having to setup multiple custom actions. Is this possible?

For example, I want to reference the individual names of my Product Configurations to pass as a value to MYPROPERTY.  In the screenshots below, I want to get the Production Configuration name "ALR" and pass that value into MYPROPERTY in the custom action below. This doesn't appear to work when I test it, but maybe [ISProductConfiguration] is not the right reference?


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