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How to Create Custom Prerequisites in Installshield

How to Create Custom Prerequisites in Installshield

As a courtesy Installshield provides many common Prerequistes already built and to used straight away within your project. Sometimes however a prerequisite that you require may not be available - or you may need to create your own custom prerequisite. In these cases you can use Installshield's Prerequiste Editor to create your own using the steps below:

1. Select Tools → Start Prerequisites Editor


2.Go to File→ Save as → Name the file (ex:Notepad++), save that .prq file into

C:\Program files\InstallShield\2019\SetupPrerequisites.


3. Condition:


4. Select Files to include→ click on add and browse the file which you want to add it as a prerequisites file,                                                                                  prq3.PNG


5.On the Application to run tab, Select the application you wish to launch             


5.Save and close the window.    


6.Go to Redistributables View- > Refresh and search notepad, now you can see the Notepad++ prerequisites available


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