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How to Configure a Minor Upgrade

How to Configure a Minor Upgrade

In this recording, we demonstrate how to configure a Windows installer minor upgrade in InstallShield.

Video Credit: Stuart Hunt (Principal Support Engineer)  

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What is the usual way to do a minor upgrade when building the setup on a BuildServer. In such a case, one usually does not have a *.msi file (Setup To Upgrade) from a previous version, which must be used for a "Minor Upgrade Item".

Please help.
Thanks and best regards

Hello Stefan,

Without a Minor Upgrade item you will be missing out on a lot of functionality available - more information can be found here:

Adding a Minor Upgrade Item is not required for a Minor Upgrade to function correctly, however using one will allow Installshield to automatically perform tests during the build process to catch any upgrade issues that you may have missed.
If you decide to move ahead without a Minor Upgrade item make 100% sure you have a rock solid understanding of Windows Installer upgrade rules, and this should hopefully prevent any issues.

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