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FlexNet Connect and InstallShield integration is not supported any longer

FlexNet Connect and InstallShield integration is not supported any longer

FlexNet Connect Integration with InstallShield is deprecated, starting InstallShield 2020



InstallShield and FlexNet Connect has an integration with Update Notifications view where a setup can check for updates for new versions during installation using FlexNet Connect libraries. These libraries are no longer actively maintained by Flexera and hence have outdated Open Source components that have security vulnerabilities. In the interest of our customers’ security, we have chosen to deprecate this support.


Impact on existing projects

This impacts Basic MSI, InstallScript and InstallScript MSI projects where we allow FlexNet Connect integration via Update Notifications view or InstallScript Objects. If you are an existing customer already using this integration, after you upgrade to InstallShield 2020, you will be presented with a warning about the deprecation. However, you can continue using the integration at your own risk.


How to continue using Update Notifications view

Starting InstallShield 2020, the below merge modules which consists of the libraries for FlexNet Connect are no longer shipped. If you wish to continue using this integration, you will have to manually copy the merge modules from a previous release of InstallShield to <InstallShield_Location>\Objects\i386 folder

Merge modules to be copied: fnc1303_full.msm, fnc1306_full.msm, fnc1303_lite.msm, fnc1306_lite.msm


Impact on New projects

New projects are not impacted. The ‘Update Notifications’ view will no longer appear in newly created projects in InstallShield 2020.


Removal of Integration

While InstallShield 2020 only deprecates the support and would still allow your existing projects to continue using this integration, in future releases, we intend to drop this support in its entirety. Meaning – both new and existing projects will not be able to use this integration.


If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team. We are happy to help!

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What is the alternative or replacement for live updates for windows installs that use Install Shield's Flexnet Connect?

Our product needs a way to notify our customers of a newer version and the ability to upgrade to the latest.


Hello @installerpt ,

FlexNet Connect is no longer integrated with InstallShield. There are other offerings from Revenera that help you notify your users with new versions

For additional information, please reach out to our sales -

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