Deploying Web Services on a Target Machine

Deploying Web Services on a Target Machine


This article describes how to deploy web services to a target machine.


Deploying a Web service onto a target system requires copying the Web service?specific files to a particular location and assigning a virtual directory name for that folder so that the Web service can be accessed via HTTP.


To deploy a Web service on a target machine:
1. In the View List under Application Data, click Files and Folders.
2. Select the folder (target directory) for installing files on the target system. Add your files to this folder.
3. In the View List under Server Configuration, click Internet Information Services.
4. In the Web Sites explorer, select the virtual directory that is associated with the Web service.
5. In the Content Source Path (Local or UNC) setting, click the ellipsis button (...). The Browse for Directory dialog box opens. Enter the same target directory as the one that contains the new files that you added in the Files and Folders view.

At installation, files are copied to the target directory folder. In addition, the virtual directory is configured for that folder on the target system if IIS is present.

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