Change in Window Styles Settings For Bitmap Control

Change in Window Styles Settings For Bitmap Control


Details a style setting change starting with InstallShield 2014.


Starting with InstallShield 2014, support for DPI-Aware installations was added. This feature may affect your project if you are migrating a older project and this knowledge base article will explain what you can do about it.


In pre-2014 versions of InstallShield, the default windows styles setting for a bitmap control are:


Under these settings, the bitmap would display correctly when running on a machine that is set to DPI 100% scaling. Furthermore since older versions of InstallShield were not creating setups marked as DPIAware, Windows would scale the entire contents of a dialog to match the current DPI setting.

Starting with InstallShield 2014, setups are now marked DPIAware and Windows will now draw individual controls on the dialogs in a scaled up manner (...resulting in the dialog layout possibly changing), as opposed to stretching the dialog itself. As a result, window styles on bitmap controls are affected by this change and no longer work the same way.

Now all built in (non-edited/DPI aware) InstallScript dialogs mark image controls with the windows style setting of SS_REALCONTROLSIZE to ensure the images are scaled to image controls correctly. If a migrated project contains any edited dialogs, those edited dialogs will continue to use the old window styles settings as mentioned above.


If your windows style settings are still set to:

SS_REALSIZEIMAGE can change the windows style setting for the bitmap control such that the only selected style is:


...and this should allow the bitmap to be scaled to fit.
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