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Build Error -7104

Build Error -7104


Build error 7104 information


When building a project, the following error may occur:

ISDEV : error -7104: The destination of component %1 is the GlobalAssemblyCache. The component must contain a key file.


This error occurs at build when a component destination is the Global Assembly Cache and a key file is missing from the component.


Include a key file, or mark one of the existing files as a key file to the applicable component, and then rebuild once again.

1. Click on the Component view.
2. Select the applicable component and then expand the component's view.
3. Click the Files view.
4. Add or modify the existing file. Right click the applicable file and then select the option, ?Set Key File?.
5. Rebuild your release.

Additional Information

For more information on this error, please refer to the HelpNet article Build Errors and Warnings
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