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which value for FilterProperty

Hello everybody,

I need to generate the .ism project by a script, in which it automatically adds new files (expecially COM servers) I put in a folder.
What I need to do is generating in the .ism the same property I can do via IDE by the "Component Wizard" with the "COM Servers" selection.

Doing that, all parameters added in .ism are known, apart from field "FilterProperty" in "ISComponentWizard" table. It seems a GUID, but...

Which value can insert into? Can I insert a random GUID correctly formatted?


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Level 2

Hi stffranco,

I would very much like to know if you tried the random GUID and if it worked??

I'm trying to do exactly the same, and have exactly the same problem!

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Level 4

Have you looked at using the InstallShield Automation Interface? It allows for the programmatic creation and modification of InstallShield projects, such as from a script.
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