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value of BATCH_INSTALL system variable

I want to know how the values of BATCH_INSTALL system variable changes during the installation process? In my installer when I was using it on Windows 7, during debugging I found that the value of BATCH_INSTALL system variable becomes -1 (i.e neither TRUE nor FALSE). So I want to know why the value of BATCH_INSTALL becomes -1?
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

Per the BATCH_INSTALL documentation:
The BATCH_INSTALL system variable is set to a non-zero value to indicate that one or more operations need to be performed after the target system restarts.
If BATCH_INSTALL is set to FALSE, no locked files were found and the installation process can end normally.

From a technical perspective, the BATCH_INSTALL variable is bound to an internal COM object property in the InstallScript engine. Since the property follows COM data type semantics, it is internally defined as a VARIANT_BOOL. A true value for a VARIANT_BOOL is VARIANT_TRUE, or -1.
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