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Level 2

using Radiobutton and checkbox with background image.

i am working in Basic MSI project and using background image(bitmap control) and placing my controls over that. lables got transparent but radiobutton and checkbox are not getting transparent and showing gray background...

i have also attached a snapshot for the same..

Please help me...
Thanks in advance......
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Level 10

I think the only thing you can do is to have no text associated with the checkbox and radio controls and add text controls instead. The downside to this is that clicking on the text will not select the checkbox or radio control but it's the only way to get what you want. You will see that InstallShield's FinishXXX dialogs use this technique.
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Level 2

Thanks Dan for such a quick reply...
currently i am using it in the same way and facing the exect problem as you have mentioned...

is there any way to over come this problem... (even in latest version IS 2010)

and can we somehow capture Text client event???
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