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upgrade installation is not working


we have a Problem with upgrade installations.
After searching for hours in web I allways find the same solutions, but they are all not working for me.

We have let's say Version installed and want to upgrade e.g. to
with uninstalling the

I don't mind the I also tried major Version Change. It's not working either.

So we use Visual Studio 2015, with Installshield 2015 LE integrated.
Installation is for 64 Bit Windows 10

I know that the upgrade path has to be defined and it is.
The upgrade code is the same in both versions.

This is what happens.

If I don't change the Product Code, the installer tells me, that there is already an installed version of the software
and we have to manuall uninstall it. This is what we don't want.

When I change the product code, the Installation succees leading to 2 parallel versions, so the old Version is still on the machine. This is also not what we want.

So what is the trick with LE or is it not working with 64 Bit?

The help file is also telling us we shall change the package code, but the package code is not offered in the UI to be changeable. ???

Does anybody has similar experience?

Please help
Best regards
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Level 3


can somebody confirm, that upgrades are working in principle with Installshield 2015 LE from Visual Studio 2015?

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