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unable to download a file with a ini extension

Hi all,

I'm trying to make a Suite installer that's able to download all his installtion packages from the internet. I've tryed this with a package with a single msi file in one package and this works great. Second tryout was with a msi file and additional extra files in the same folder. This works too as long as there is no file in the folder with a ini extension. If I rename the file and put a txt in the extension then I can download all files from the folder before the package is installed. Is there a reason that the Suite installer can not download ini files?
The reason I ask is that I have to add another package that is based on a regular setup.exe with in the same folder a 0x0409.ini and a setup.ini file. This will not work because the ini files are not downloaded and I get this result in the log file:

3-6-2013[03:57:01]: Failed to download/write stage file ' installer 2/Disk1/0x0409.ini' to 'C:\Users\ecv\AppData\Local\Temp\{13730AA6-C4B8-49B1-9F15-021AD77B801E}\{1B0801ED-210C-444E-89D3-71C69475ED47}\0x0409.ini', error -2147219698
3-6-2013[03:57:01]: Engine: exception status 8004070e while staging parcels
3-6-2013[03:57:01]: UI DLL: Display Error: An unknown failure occurred attempting to cache a file from either a remote server or a local path. Contact your vendor for assistance.:rolleyes:

Any one that has a clue on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,
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Level 17

I think that to resolve that issue, you'd need to fix the MIME type mappings in IIS on the server that is hosting the bits. It sounds like they may not be configured correctly.

The only workaround I can think of is to use a compressed setup, instead of uncompressed. I'm not sure if that is an option for you, though.
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Level 4

Thanks Debbie for your quick response.
Indeed, I've checked the webmaster and he confirmed that ini files will not come through.
I have the check the reason for that and if this is the way to stay then indeed I have make a compressed installation. The advantage of the situation now is that you can easely check the uncompressed files e.g. to check the version of the app. Anyway, thanks for your help 🙂
Best Regards,
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