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Level 2

two problems :: registry + readme

i have this two problems :: first of all, i want to check if there is present one registry key and it's value. if not, the installation cannot continue. i've tryed it with installation assistant under the section installation requirements, then create a custom software condition, then registry entry. but i can't figure it out, because it still giving me an error that i don't have this registry. i'm making a modification for one game, and i need to allow the install only if this game is installed (HKEY_LOCLAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/*/*/InstallPath => this is the registry entry which contains the installation directory of that game. secondly, i need to GET this value of installpath, and set it as INSTALLDIR, so my mod, and all directories, will install to that directory specified by InstallPath.
to the 2nd problem, i wasn't able to find some readme dialog, can i download one? because i need readme file to my project.

thanks in advance for any help.
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Level 10

What kind of project are you using? MSI? InstallScript? InstallScript MSI?
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