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Level 3

trouble making 2 databases at the same time

I'm making a setup with two features that should run two different SQL scripts on a MSSQL database server. The sql scripts that i use make each one particular database on the database server.

When i try to put them into one single connection, the setup runs the scripts without paying attention to what feature i want to install. It runs them all.

When u try to put the scripts into two connections, the setup runs only the scripts put into the first connection.

could somebody help me plz...

Ben(a complete noob in IS)
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Level 3

while changing the "General" setting of my sql scripts i let the "DefaultFeature" remain checked. That was the cause of the problem, because every Sql Script is considerd as a component of the feature u choose and if u let the "DefaultFeature" remain checked it wil be considerd as a Defaultcomponent which wil be installed every time the setup runs the sql scripts.
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