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trial is expired straight after installation is finnished

Hi, i have installed the installshield express software today on my testing computer. For some reason i changed my time and date to actual and then restart computer. (there was y2001 as date).
And now It is saying to me that the trial period is expired. (i did install it today)

I tried to reinstall it, i tried to recover my computer from backup.
Now straight after installation is finnished > I still have the same problem. Its expired 😕

So I did boot to my second windows system, but i got the same problem.
Straight after installation is finnished >...trial has expired... 😞

Can anybody help me what to do if i would like to try this software on my computer?

Thanks for your help
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In my experience, you can try it on another computer.
You must purchase new license if you want to use it on your current computer.
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I have no other computer available 😕
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I have the same problem and flex builder never lets me work after 30days.
After reinstalling also I get same error.

During flex installation on my another laptop, I changed the system year to 2020 thinking that If I install with this date, my flex will expire on 2020. But later after installation, when I changed back the date, the flex directly showed me "Trial Expired" . I think this is a bug that adobe is unaware of.

I am pretty sure, there must be some file when delete will allow us to work on flex after reinstalling it, once the trial has expired.

Anyone any clue ?
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