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Level 2

title of language selection dialog


Is it possible to change the title of the language selection dialog so that it's different from other dialogs in the project. The title I want to use "Choose Setup Language" does appear in the language ini file.

A second question, did previous versions of installshield use "Choose Setup Language" as the default title for this dialog.

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Level 6

First question answer.. yes it appears in the Language ini file
Answer to the second question is... Yes.. with InstallShield 11 too, the string was Choose Setup Language
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Level 2

Hi GetExp,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Let me rephrase the first question, in the ini file
1125=Choose Setup Language <-- the string I would like to use for just the choose language dialog
1887=%s - InstallShield Wizard <-- the string used for every dialog's title

I want to change the choose language dialog independently of every other dialog in the project. Editing string 1887 changes the title on every dialog which is wrong, so how do I get the language dialog to use string 1125 instead?
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