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Level 7

skin customization kit for 2012 ??

I tried finding a 2012 skin customization kit a couple of ways:
-(inside IS) Tools -> Check for Updates
-(Flexera web site) -> products/installshield/files-utilities.htm
(for 2012, I'm prompted to login, but once inside I only see downloads for the full product)
-General google search

No luck. I assume there is no 2012 kit (yet) ?

OK, so I figure I'll just use the 2011 skin customization kit which I still have the installer for, but when I try to run the setup, I get an error:
"You must first install an InstallShield product before running this installation."

We setup IS 2012 on a new build machine, and I'd really like to get the skin customization kit on there.

Can I fake out the 2011 skin customization kit installer with some registry keys that look like 2011 was installed? If not, I'd appreciate any other advice on this.

Thank you.
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Level 17

We have released a skin customization kit for InstallShield 2012. It is available in the Flexera Software Product and License Center, along with all of the other installations and redistributable files for the release. The Read Me First sticky in this forum has links to the Product and License Center, as well as download instructions.
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Level 7

Thank you Debbie. I apologize, I needed to read a bit more carefully when I got into the Product and License center. I mistakenly assumed the utilities would show up on the outer list, so I didn't initially click on the Installshield 2012 link where the related products (such as the kit) were listed.
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Level 2

in this link you can find Skin-Customization-Kit for any version of installshield : 🙂
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