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setup.exe file name


I have a Basic MSI project and I want to generate a single setup.exe but with a custom file name (MyProjectSetup.exe).

I set up in Releases / Product Configuration view - General page the Setup File Name = MyProjectSetup.

When I build it I get the MyProjectSetup.exe.

But when I use the Standalone engine, with exactly the same project, I always get only setup.exe file.

What do I miss?

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What Product Configuration and Release are you setting the setup.exe name in? I believe if you do not specify which configuration and release you are using, the Standalone uses "Product Configuration 1" and "Release 1" as defaults, which may not correspond to your configuration and release.

You can set the configuration and release for the Standalone build via the command line switches -a and -r .

For example, if your project was C:\MyProject.ism, your Product Configuration was MyProductCfg, and your Release was MyRelease, you would use the following command line:

IsCmdBld.exe -p C:\MyProject.ism -a MyProductCfg -r MyRelease

Hope this helps!
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The 2 parameters specify just the output folders structure.
The result file is still setup.exe:

"...\MyProductCfg\MyRelease\Disk Images\Disk1\setup.exe".

Thanks anyway,
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