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Level 5

"\n" in error table doesn't work

Hi, I have a problem in an Installscript MSI project.
In my installshield project's error table,
I defined an error:30000 with "test\nby polosheng" message.
Then I used this message in DLL's function:
TestApi(MSIHANDLE hInstall)
lRetCode = MsiRecordSetString(hErrorRecord, 0, NULL);
lRetCode = MsiRecordSetInteger(hErrorRecord, 1, 30000);
MsiProcessMessage(hInstall, INSTALLMESSAGE_USER, hErrorRecord);
and I call this function in execute sequence.
But when this CA is called ,the message is "test\nby polosheng",
by polosheng".

'\n' doesn't work!!!
So, can anybody help me to resolve this problem?
Thank you in advance.
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Level 5

I found it's a bug.
In dll(vc6.0), when I used MsiGetProperty to get property A in installshield,
the value of A is "test\nby\npolosheng", the value which MsiGetProperty get in dll is just

'\n' also can't work!!

Any suggestion?
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