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"Merge module object holder" - Something missing

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would very much appreciate help on an issue I am having:

On one of our two development computers with Installshield 2020 R3 installed, my project will not build, referring to a missing "Merge module object holder".

I cannot figure out, what exact thing is missing by looking at the GUI/ApplicationData/Objects, since it only displays a global red "!" for the object holder.

I already tried to duplicate the working environment by ensuring that all .msm files a present in the Modules/i386 folder of Installshield, as well as ProgramFiles/common files/merge modules.

Also, I could not find similar questions already posted on the community board.

How can I narrow down the problem, which exact object/file/runtime/... is missing on the one computer?

Cheers and thank you in advance,

Christian Heinz

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Level 6

Here's a quote from documentation

Deprecation of InstallScript Objects

InstallScript objects have been deprecated in favor of InstallShield prerequisites. In a future release, InstallShield will no longer be able to create or consume InstallScript objects, and no predefined InstallScript objects will be provided. Furthermore, the Merge Module Holder Object will not be available. The recommended alternative for InstallScript objects is InstallShield prerequisites. You can use the InstallShield Prerequisite Editor to begin creating your own InstallShield prerequisites so that you are ready to use them once the InstallScript object technology becomes obsolete. You can share these InstallShield prerequisites among InstallScript, InstallScript MSI, and Basic MSI projects.

Maybe your project was created with an older version of InstallShield and therefore includes the merge module holder object. You could try to copy the object (not the merge module) from [ProgramFiles]\InstallShield\2020\ObjectsPro\Merge Module Object

Stefan Krueger /
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Level 8

For the InstallShield 2020 Prof./Premier installation the "Merge Module Object" is still part of the installation. Only for the InstallShield 2020 SAB installation you have to explicitly select the "InstallScript Objects Support".

To check if the "Merge module object"-holder is available on your pc take a look to the folder:




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