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multiple threads in installation


Any idea about the 2 threads running along the installation?

The situation is I can see 2 threads (only 2) running one after another in the installation log.
Especially, for 2 custom events in sequence, different thread is shown for each one. The problem is the first custom event took long time to run and in the log it looks like the 2nd event(a different thread) started to run without waiting for the 1st thread to finish, which ended up with wrong result since the installation logic relies on the return result from the 1st event code. Any idea to fix this? i do not see where to change such kind of thread/timing in the ISMP 11.5?

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looks like it is a java heap size issue.

i open the uip file in notepad and i can see the setting value, but i cannot find it in the installer UI. I looked at the previous posts and i cannot find that javaarguments setting in launcher advanced prop or distribution prop -- even with checking the 5.x view

the version is ismp 11.5 sp1 premier.

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