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Level 3

multiple registry entries

hello all,

hope someone can help me with my problem described below....

After working a couple of years with InstallShield 6.3, I have updated now to InstallShield 2008. After converting my project files to the new format i am running into weird problems regarding the automatically created registry entries.
Like before the setup creates the necessary uninstall registry entries under the defined GUID. But the 2008 setup now also creates 2 additional uninstall entries with almost the same entries but under different GUIDs.

After testing and debbuging for hours, i still couldn't find out why these 2 additional entries are automatically created. I am wondering if it could have something to do with an erroneous project conversion to the new format?
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Level 3

just found out, that these multiple registry entries are caused by some merge modules which i had to include to my setup.
does anybody know if it is possible to suppress these entries?
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