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Level 2

msi not registered with add/remove program or creating shortcuts after installation

I am trying to push out an msi using SCCM. The status reported successful, but for some reason it's not showing in the add/remove program or creates a shortcut on the desktop if I use SCCM to push it out. I look at the local drive and it looks like all the files are copied properly and registry enties are added correctly.

But if I manually run the same script after I've logon with my account which is part of local admin group then it's showing in the add/remove program.
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Level 7

You probably made a SCCM program with a commandline like:
msiexec /i "name.msi" /qn

with running it in the system context? right?
Then you should add or change the property:
to the property table.

reg, Henno.
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Level 2

I tried both ALLUSERS = 1 and ALLUSERS=2 but getting the same result.
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