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isdbg.exe (IS2015 EVALUATION) not working remotely

Is the remote debugger supposed to be working with an installer builded using the evaluation version of the IS2015?

I'm doing some quick verifications with the evaluation version of IS2015 Premier, with the intention to upgrade from our old IS2008 Premier copy.

I converted one of our projects and I'm trying to debug this project remotely.

I copy the builded (network image, as this is the only option with the EVAL version) installer into a folder, together with all the script files of the project + the isdbg.exe version delivered with IS2015 + scilexer.dll.
I open a command prompt with admin rights and do these commands:
=> isdbg.exe /regserver
=> setup.exe /v"ISSCRIPTDEBUG=1"

The installer starts in debug mode and the isdbg application pops up asking me to point to the folder with the installer script files. When I point to the folder and click ok a messagebox popup saying "Failed to create empty document!".
When I click open from the debug app, to straightly open a scriptfile, I got the same message popping up.

What is going wrong here?

The version of isdbg.exe is and the version of scilexer.dll is
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Level 10 Flexeran
Level 10 Flexeran

SciLexer.dll has a dependency on the Visual C++ runtime. Installing the Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 (x86) runtime from should resolve the behavior you are seeing.
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Level 8

The "GOLDEN" tip.

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