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.ibd on inner dialog not displaying ...

Hey Folks,

I've got a simple problem for my basic .msi application. As far as I know, I have 72dpi 8/bit rgb jpg files - they appear to be this. I rename them to .ibd and drop them into every location that I can find. I replaced the support files fo InstallShield Blue, I replaced and put them in redist/OS/Lang independent, I put them in the project support files et cetera. I've used the long path, and I've used no path in the file path control. The bitmaps display in the dialog editor, but when I build and launch the application, they are missing - not displaying ...

I have ready Robert's paper, and I think I'm doing everything right.

Why would these not display at runtime?


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Flexera Alumni

As a sanity check, can you open your JPEG/ibd file with MS Paint? As a test, does it work if you replace your file with, say, a solid-color JPEG/ibd file you create with MS Paint? It was a simpler time when I wrote that tip [PDF] back in 2003, but I promise it worked then...

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