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how to skip Dialog -Setup complete success- without clicking the button -finish-;


i want to skip the Dialog "Setup complete success" without clicking the button"finish".

i generated an msi to call a Setup.exe (an extern Company Product Installation) by using a custom Action for Installing and uninstalling. For that i defined also a property named "Lauchprogramm" by seting to 1. This Property is allready set while i see "Setup complete success" .  The Intention is not to see dies Dialog but the setting have to be used.

This is very important if i use my MSI by Group Policy Object (GPO). This runs  in silent mode and i have no Chance to click on finish by this Dialog.

 Who can tell me how to skip Dialog "Setup complete success" without clicking the button"finish" but telling MSI to launch  my Setup.exe.

Thanks a lot for supporing me!




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Re: how to skip Dialog Setup complete success without click on finish;

sorry i mean Dialog 'Setup complete success' 

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