how to create multiple exe installer

hi all i want to create installer
firstly which checks .Net framework2.0 is installed or not if not
install .Net Framework
second install my application
and third check that crystal report 8.5 is installed or not if not install crystal report 8.5
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It sounds like you are describing something which Setup Prerequisites address fairly directly, if this is an MSI based project. Take a look at the Redistributables view, and also the Prerequisite Editor in the Tools menu.
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hi i have done that as you said.
i opened the prequisite editor in Tools Menu
in that File to include tab i added the the e:\CRRuntime_12_0_mlb the file and
url to file from our server e.g
when i click on ok button
it gives this message
"The specified file does not exist, therefor the size of the file as stored by prerequisite will be 0.
Note: If you want to continue, you must return to this dialog when the file exist and select OK to update the file size.
Are you sure want to continue?"

if i clicked on Yes button.
the file is included.
and save it.
after completing the bulid installation.

the setup only installs .net framework.

plz help

a lot of thanks in advance!!!
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