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how to build patch through commandline using ISCmdBld.exe

I tried to build patch using ISCmdBld.exe as follow

ISCmdBld.exe -p "MSI\Chameleon Suite.ism" -patch_config "patchexample"

But I am getting error as "-1113: the 'patch_config' switch is not recognised

please help me in solving this issue

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Level 4

It appears the "-p" you posted uses a special character (an en dash?) instead of a hyphen; this often happens if you copied the command from Microsoft Outlook or Word. Same applies to the curly quotation marks around "patchexample", which want to be straight quotation marks.

Perhaps type the command (instead of copying and pasting) and see what happens?
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Flexera Alumni

Hmm, that advice (which was the case [post=459689]here[/post]) might not apply here...

What version of ISCmdBld are you using? The -patch_config switch was introduced in InstallShield 2009.
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