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how can I force writing regsitry entries into 64-bit part?


I have a 32 bit installer package that installs 32-bit software. That software forces usage of the 64-bit key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE to read and write registry entries. My installer should prepare some registry entries that I configure during the user interface sequence. But the 32-bits installer should also write those entries in the 64-bit HKLM-part of the registry.

How can I force the MSI WriteRegistryValues action to use the 64-bit registry part?
I am able to write to the 64-bit registry myself, but all properties defined in the Registry Data views won't store themselves there.

At the moment, I have tried to create custom actions just before the action WriteRegistryValues to force:
But no luck yet.

Thank you

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Level 4

I have now created a custom action where I write each registry settings myself, but forcing it to the 64-bit portion. Not a great solution, but that works.

Does anyone know a better solution for this?
Thank you!
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