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have to provide admin rights for some of my exe's during installation


In my case, there are some application that needs admin rights to execute, for that i just click and use RUN as administrator option. Instead of doing like that ,there is another option .i.e) application->properties->compatibility->Check the Run this program as an administrator option. if we do like this then no need to run that specific application as Administrator.if we double click the application , by default it will run as admin. it is working fine in my windows 7 64bit PC.

The problem is i m setting the above properties in one of my application and i included that application in my setup.exe. Once i installed the setup.exe , the properties for the application is not selected. what i want is , i just want to provide the admin rights for some my exe's while installing my setup.exe.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Thanks in Advance.
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Could you please let me know on which operating system is this exe run on?
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Windows (vista or later) does not support programmatically creating a shortcut with the 'run as admin' checkbox checked. Microsoft does not want anyone to do that. An application should be designed so that elevated privileges are not needed, however if they are needed then the application should have an embedded manifest which includes:
An external manifest file will be ignored.

Here is info on how to embed a manifest file:
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