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file replace - how to identify

😉 hi,
I am creating Basic MSI projects. I understand that during upgrade installation all the files older version of files are replaced with new one. I have a set of .ini and .dat files that holds the user customized data.

Assume 1.0 version of ini file has 2 key value pairs. and the default value are set as below
1.0 x.ini
Type="guestuser" ; Reset="true" ;
After installation user modifies the values for Type="Admin" and Reset="Auto"

2.0 version of the same file has added 3 key value pairs(1 newly added). with the(default value as mentioned )
Type="guestuser" ; Reset="true" ; Rights="Elevated"

After i install the ini file the expected output is
Type="Admin" ; Reset="Auto" ; Rights="Elevated"

Is there anyother way to achieve this without manually handling it in custom action. If any one has any suggestion plz post the reply.

thank you in advance
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

If you want to support arbitrary user modifications to these, you'll need to make sure the Data Values you write reference (public - ALL_CAPS) properties. Then use a custom action or other means to probe the current values from the file to override the default value for those properties.

For example, one of the keywords might look like:
[CODE]Type (Keyword):
Display Name: {ID_STRING3} Type
Action: Replace Old Value
Data Value: [MY_TYPE][/CODE]
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