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facing problems in uninstallation


I have converted my Installerscript MSI project using Spring 2012 premier edition. Earlier I was using developer 11 edition.

While testing the setup.exe, I found that the uninstallation on remote nodes of cluster fails. The call which I used to uninstall is "C:/../Idriver.exe /M /s /z"REMOVE" ". The Idriver version in use is 11.

One more strange thing I found is this setup.exe doe not install Idriver on machine if it is not present, whereas my earlier setup.exe used to install it. Idriver of version 11 present on testing machines is from previous installer.

Are there any changes in Spring 2012-premier which is causing above problems??

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Flexera MichaelU

Re: facing problems in uninstallation

IDriver was retired as of InstallShield 12; you'll need to use an alternative approach to uninstall more recent InstallScript MSI projects. See the UninstallString for your package for an example command line you can use instead.
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