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error -7354 for "ISXmlElementAttrib column Name/Value"


I am having following errors during upgrade to IS2016:
ISDEV : error -7354: The English (United States) value for string 'ID_STRING_4E7BEA0A-8E41-4C1F-BF39-528BCD44370E' does not contain a legitimate value for table ISXmlElementAttrib column Name

The string is used on an ISXmlElementAttrib which seems to look fine to me.
The row looks like this:
[table="width: 500"]



Following image shows the "Xml File Changes view"

What am I doing wrong?
I have many of those errors in my project.
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

If you haven't already gotten your hands on at least version of ISWIBuild.dll (download), give that a try (back up and then replace the ISWIBuild.dll in your InstallShield System folder with this one). It fixes some potential errors, and clears up some remaining confusion in the error messages when there is more than one localizable string column in a table. In this case, both Name and Value of ISXmlElementAttrib are localizable, so this is likely to be relevant.

Looking at the categories for the fields in the ISXml* tables, however, I don't see any string validation issues that I would expect to arise. So until we're certain exactly what string is causing problems, I'm going to have to fall back to some general guidance here. The quoted value you show looks fine: it has a few property references, but both UG_WEBAPI_PROTOCOL and UG_WEBAPI_FQDN look perfectly valid. In the screenshot I see reference to a string include add[] where that stuff is not a valid property reference. If somehow this is being validated as Formatted text, the square brackets that are around things other than property references would need to be escaped - that is, replaced with [\[] and [\]] respectively. Keep this in mind as a possibility; hopefully the updated ISWIBuild.dll will make more sense of things.
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