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error -6225 Resolving Project output when building from the command line

Using InstallShield Limited Edition with VS2015. The solution has two setup projects.
The setup projects build fine when Visual Studio is run in interactive mode.

But this is for a build server, so Visual Studio is run from the command line. The command line is ' "mySolution.sln" /Rebuild Release'.

This gives error : "-6225: Resolving Visual Studio .NET project output... "

Nothing but the Primary Output is included in each setup.
The solution structure is quite regular:


The build server needs to be able to build as well, please help.
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Level 3

Update, the build works using MSBuild -- from the command line. When run by a service (the build server), the license is not recognised (-7159: The product license has expired or has not yet been initialized).
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Yet another update, the build works when being the build server user and running the build interactively, from the command line, even if the build server user does not have administrative rights.

But when that same user runs the build as a service, like a build server, in the background, the license exception occurs.

When then that user gets administrative rights, the license problem goes away.

This is not ideal: The build server has to have administrative rights on the machine it runs on.
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