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error -5008: Intel64 or AMD64 must be specified in the template of the Summary Stream

I found exactly the same problem here:

My project contains mixed Win32 (MFC )application and .Net assembly. Both explicitely set for x86 and Win 32.
I have tried to build for .NET 3.5 (changing VS 2010 project manually) but results are the same.

I am not able to locate any settings that would allow me to change processor architecture.
I am using VS 2010 and the latest version of the limited edition of the Installshield (2012 Spring LE for VS 2010 and 2012), running on Windows 7 64bit.

I must admit this is very frustrating, since I spent several hours trying to find out what is going on without any results.
From the log file it looks like while IS building setup, it uses merge modules for the 64bit processor and that does not correspond to project settings at all.
Other warning complains about .Net framework that should be included in the release but I made sure that in prerequisites both: proper .Net version and VS 2010 are included.

I have attached the log file from the ebuild.
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Level 7 Flexeran


ISEXP : error -5008: Intel64 or AMD64 must be specified in the template of the Summary Stream

This message occurs when at least one component in the project has been marked as a 64-bit component. If a component is marked as 64-bit, the template of the Summary Stream must be set with a platform of Intel64 or x64, so the setup will fully support 64-bit architecture.

This error commonly occurs in hybrid setups, that is, setups that support both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Unfortunately, as of now installshield limited edition do not have a option to set template summary to specify the processor type and do not support creating 64 bit setup files.

ISEXP : warning -6245: One or more of the project's components contain .NET properties that require the .NET Framework. It is recommended that the release include the .NET Framework.

This warning is known to occur when at least one component in your project contains .NET properties, but the .NET Framework has not been installed. If you are installing an application that contains .NET assemblies, the .NET Framework should be bundled with your setup unless the setup is only targeting machines that are known to have the .NET Framework already installed.

Try to include the appropriate .Net framework redistributable to the setup project using redistributables view to avoid this warning message.

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InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition now has support for creating 64-bit packages that can target 64-bit systems and install to 64-bit locations. For information on how to obtain this new version, see the following thread:
NEW VERSION: InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition for Visual Studio 2013/2012/2010
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