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embedd one installer within another

I have a case where I have multiple applications which I want to wrap within a setup.exe. So i have application "A" whose setup file is setupA.exe and an application "B" whose setup file is setupB.exe. I need to create one setup.exe which wraps setupA.exe & setupB.exe. When setup.exe is run, the user should be given an option to install application "A" or application "B" and based on the choice invoke the appropriate setup file for the application. I believe I have seen Install shield to have this option, but am not able to find it now. Can someone let me know how to implement this?

Also I have an issue where some applications are to be run on the UNIX platformand their setup file has an extension *.bin, I believe Installshield cannot handle this, so do I have to use InstallAnywhere to handle this case? Pls. provide information. Thx.
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If the two applications are also install shield installations, you can start them using DoInstall() with their inx files.

I don't understand your 2nd question. Do you want to install unix applications with Install Shield?
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