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drop downs (combo/list boxes) with info

What is the easiest way to create on custom dialogs dropdowns (listbox or combobox) where the info is:

info available from target during install:

1.) The accounts on the machine
2.) The websites on the machine
3.) the DSN names on that machine

I'm using 2010 and it's a basic MSI project. Does it require Installscript project? There are a lot of options in Basic MSi project with listboxes, etc.

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Flexera Alumni

Setting aside the issue of getting the data that goes into a list control, populating a list control at run time involves modifying the in-memory MSI database.

For the general technique, perhaps see this old newsletter tip (PDF) and the InstallShield help topic "Windows Installer API Functions Example". The topic is also discussed at length in our advanced MSI training course.
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